essential values…

In preparation for a meeting of new GK-12 fellows, we were asked to work through a worksheet in order to more clearly define our core values. The first 4 pages of this document consisted of a list of personality traits and adjectives. The instructions said to go through and circle each trait with which we identified and to do so without much thought.

The next few pages consisted of questions designed to helped whittle the list of traits down to the top five. From here we were asked to use these five words to produce an essential values statement describing the way we live life and an essential values educator statement.

Since you are part of this journey, I thought I would share the outcome.

My essential values statement:
– I live a life rooted in imagination and open-mindedness through which I extend generosity and develop deep connection with those around me and express my gratitude to those who share my experience.

My essential values- Educator statement
– I teach open-mindedness and a connection with the natural world by encouraging a trust in imagination and gratitude for previously assembled knowledge, and emphasize the generosity of sharing the lessons we learn.


goofy beauty…

Sometimes the absurdity of being human mixes so well with the rhythm of being natural…